an NSAC church

              The HOLY SEASON begins with Ash Wednesday which is a day that puts us in touch with our own mortality.  Ashes are a sign of mortality and repentance and the imposition of ashes can be a powerful nonverbal way to experience reconciliation.  The tradition was to save the palms from the previous Palm Sunday, burn them and use those ashes for the next year's service.

We are planning a Forum to discuss the meaning of the events of this Holy Season.  In preparation please think of the following:
What is Lent?
How is Easter Determined?  (The date changes yearly, why?)
What is the meaning of 40-days?
Why are the Palms saved?
What is the message of Easter for Spiritualists?
What part of the Easter story demonstrates the following:
  prophecy, levitation, apportion, demateriaization, materialization, 
 independent voice, clairvoyance and transfiguration?

Please joins us and find out, all are Welcome!

Rev. Elsie Ann Soria, NST
First Spiritual Temple, SF