an NSAC church

The philosophy of Spiritual thinking can be found in many venues.  The church does not endorse Taroh or Numerology, but the fact is we can learn some lessons from them.

I  was reading from the book of Taroh - Practical Application of  Ancient Visual Symbols and was reminded of this.  For example the 
Devil card #15 is the universal principle of mirth / humor and what "bedevils us.  In Egyptian mythology this was the symbol of Ra - life force and energy.

The d e v i l spelled backwards is l i v e d.

We need to learn to face what bedevils us (problems) with mirth and humor.
The sign of Capricorn, represented by the Goat is the ruler here.  The goat is the symbol known for tenacity, productivity and achievement.  It is in our capcity to follow our bliss or what has resonance for us so that we can execute the discipline to bring creative vision and tangile results into our lives.

Remember to retain a sense of humor in areas of experience which be-devil us.

Rev. Elsie Ann Soria, NST

The difference between a comedy and a tragedy is that in a comedy the characters figure out reality in time to do something about it.
   by Bennett W. Goodspeed